We are rainbow

Colorful and smart people that bring the sun up in the sky when your brand is in a rainy mood.
In life you need both sun and rain to make its colors appear.

Your success is our success

We are business oriented and we know from experience  that growing with our clients is the
smartest way to a solid and lasting partnership.

Experience is everything

We all live in a world of messages. Every brand tries to communicate more and more
to its consumers.  Message is important,  but interaction  and consumers’ experience  with the brand is the most important. 
This is a colorful idea that you usually get after lots of projects and years
of not sleeping hours, which is universally  called experience.  At rainbow we are
experts in creating both messages and brands interaction.

We are strategically creative,

Which means that our creativity has always a sense of purpose. Your business objectives come first.
Our ideas and effective designs come second. We have the ability to create ideas and opportunities
that in turn create profits for you.

We believe in building strong-lasting partnerships

Many of our clients have been with us right from the beginning.
They came to us because we promised results.
They stay with us because we delivered.