ID, website, communication strategy and materials

Client Description: 
PRIM’ACASA  is a naming that we’ve invented back in 2007 for a real-estate project in Ploiesti built by a group of investors (HSL Invest, Raiffeisen Leasing Wien, RS-Plan GmbH).

In 2007, in Ploiesti a new real-estate project was at the beginnings of its construction. The group of investors wanted to sell the project right from this stage, therefore, they needed everything from scratch (naming, ID materials, positioning, communication strategy, materials design, PR, etc).

“PRIM’ACASA | We wait you at home” – was the winning naming and positioning. Happy colorful materials, smart-driven advertising actions and good PR plan were some of the ingredients that have helped the sales team.

After 1 year and a half the project was 90% sold and we’ve finished our work.