Client description:
Autoklass – dealer Mercedes-Benz

Until 2011, Autoklass succeeded in becoming the second most important Mercedes-Benz dealer. The need for a stronger and clear positioning was higher and higher in order to become #1.

There can be only one official home and that is Autoklass.
“Official Home of Mercedes-Benz” speaks loud and clear about what our client thinks, does and creates on a daily basis. Mercedes-Benz spirit lives in Autoklass showrooms from interior design to sales and services people behavior. Every employee in this Official Home participates at constant trainings delivered by Mercedes-Benz officials. The official language that they all speak is Mercedes-Benz language.
This positioning was enhanced by alienation of the new ID materials to the official ID of Mercedes-Benz, thus proving the official representation of this highly respected and perfection oriented Mercedes-Benz.
The Brand Book was formed of 3 parts: 1)Brand Manifesto, 2)Brand rules, 3) ID Materials

In 2011 the audacious positioning created a buzz among Mercedes-Benz dealers and fans. Autoklass clients embraced the idea, while new customers arrived and understood that there is only one Official Home of Mercedes-Benz, @ Autoklass showrooms.

Autoklass - Brand Book