SLK launching Event

Client description:
Autoklass – Official Home of Mercedes-Benz

In April 2011 Autoklass wanted to create a special event for the launching of the New SLK

Date: 11.04.2011 | Place: Autoklass Chitila Showroom
The central idea was “The New SLK – Your closest relationship with the road”. Exquisite invitations announced the special night that Autoklass had organized for its guests. Right from the entrance, green forest alley with blu sky print on ceiling and street design on floors introduced the visitors in a different atmosphere than the usual one of showroom.
The launching moment was enhanced by the great performance of Dalma Band and a cocktail show.

Customers have been delighted by the special SLK night, Autoklass succeeded in selling the target number of units that they had for that period of time.