ID and website

Client description:
MedCereal is a new player in the agriculture market, that aims to become one the leaders in trading, stocking and transportation of grain crops.


The company was just founded at the beginning of 2014 and it needed logo, ID materials and a simple presentation website as well.

Our creative team has designed a simple logo with a modified font and key-symbol that give personality and let the logo speak for itself. “All that’s best from nature” is a positioning that clears the vision of the new company: “we take and offer all that’s best from nature”. Taking into consideration the simple structure of the website and the little quantity of information to be displayed, our online graphic designer decided that the best visual formula was combing big –background pictures and a creative display of the content.

As we had no amendment from our client after sending our proposals, we do consider that once again we’ve succeeded in creating winning colorful ideas.