ID & website

Client description:
Sebastian Enache is first of all a very good Rainbowidea friend and one of the best professional photographers in the fashion industry in Romania.


In 2010, Sebastian needed a simple and personal logo as well as a functional website that would speak for itself about his work projects.

A hand writing from one of the Rainbowidea’s right hands, in simple black colour with a red spot that gives the personal touch of Sebastian Enache was the perfect logo for him. Because our client was not an IT expert, we have designed and developed a website that was 99% work and with a very user-friendly interface so that Sebastian could update his website without any of our help.

We’ve created a vivid website, that lives through the work of the artist. When you have time to dream or wish to see beauty in different shapes, do enter his website and you’ll surely win fabulous relaxing minutes