Google & Facebook Ads - Online communication

Client description:
Timisoara58is a residential project situated in the West side of Bucharest that includes 58 beautiful apartments.

The real-estate project was finalized at the beginning of 2014, therefore the client turned to Rainbowidea for help to launch and communicate it to the potential clients. Create and later grow awareness was our first objective.

In order to reach a high number of potential clients in a short time and with a medium range of budget, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads were the main channels that we’ve recommended and used.

A mixed Google campaign – search and display – along with Facebook Ads proved to be the best solution: after only a month we had more than 6000 visits on the website. In order to reach good results, our Google Specialist updates and improves the communication strategy day by day, keeping the phone ringing in the Timisoara58 offices.