Short Movies Presentations

Client description:
Mega Image is a Romanian supermarket chain, established in 1995, owned by Delhaize Group since 2000. It operates 296 stores under the name Mega Image, in Bucharest, Brașov, Constanța and Pitești, and Ilfov, Dâmbovița, Prahova, Giurgiu counties.

Part of Delhaize Group, Mega Image needed short movie presentations about their activity in order to present them at Delhaize International Conferences. Staring with 2009 we have invented different ways of movie presentations from the serious business ones to the funniest ones.

Funny ideas are the most challenging when trying to speak seriously about a growing business like Mega Image in Romania in front of all the other countries and brands from Delhaize Group. However, when you have fun, you succeed in being seriously fun. Two of the 5 movies that we have created until now are the ones that we are mostly proud.

We have lived memorable times together with our client’s team, such as filming Darth Vader while shopping in Mega Image, or watching successful comedian actor Adrian Vancica screaming like a crazy guy at Mega Image employees in their office.