Design & production Magazine AGROLIDER

Client description:
Timac Agro Romania, part of Roullier Group, manufactures and commercializes fertilizers and nutritional specialties for crops.

Back in 2010, Timac Agro Romania turned to Rainbowidea for help to create a corporate presentation material that would not be a catalogue or a brochure because our client wanted to differentiate from its competitors.

A specialized agro-magazine, that would offer information from agro-specialists and other agro-professionals about the agro-problems as well as Timac Agro solutions, seemed to be the perfect answer. We’ve designed and produced twice a year the AGROLIDER magazine for 4 years now and it seems that it still is very appreciated by the farmers and the other people interested in agro-market. The editorial pages written by Timac Agro’s specialized team are colorfully presented by our creative team, thus making together a project that we would all be proud of.

AGROLIDER magazine has positioned itself in the target’s mind as a magazine with interesting information about the Romanian agriculture market. This means that we have succeeded in achieving what our client first asked: a different print material that would present Timac Agro products and results.