SUPRAOM la apa

Client description:
STEJAR Beer is an Euro Strong Lager style beer brewed by Ursus / SAB MILLER

In the summer of 2012, Ion Oncescu decided to enter once again Guinness World Records with a different sport than the one that had already made him famous.

Stejar Beer was one of the main supporters and organizers of Ion Oncescu’s dream. The central idea: Ion Oncescu, Superman in Water. The event lasted for 4 hours and wanted to prove Oncescu’s force in water: he walked 33m, on the bottom of an Olympic pool, with 57kg weight on his shoulders without breathing under water. It was a performance that very few people trusted to happen, yet, Ion Oncescu proved once again his determination in fulfilling his dreams.

Stejar brand was present eveythere so that no TV camera or photo could skip the image of the main sponsor of the event.