Oncescu vs 1000

Client description:
STEJAR Beer is an Euro Strong Lager style beer brewed by Ursus / SAB MILLER

In 2011, Stejar Beer started an endorsement contract with 7times World Champion in Skandenberg – Ion Oncescu. The next year, Ion Oncescu has decided it was time to enter Guinness World Records.

Stejar Beer was one of the main supporters and organizers of Ion Oncescu’s dream. The event lasted for 8 hours and gathered thousands of people that came either to compete against Ion Oncescu or to be in the audience. It was highly supported by #1 Media channels through TV news before and after, as well as live trasmissions on Sport.ro TV channel. Although it seemed impossible at first, Ion Oncescu succeeded in defeating more than 1000 men and thus he entered the Guinness World Records.

Stejar brand was present eveythere so that no TV camera or photo could skip the image of the main sponsor of the event